2016 Election Response

Poster Design

In Alex Citrin's Illustrated Typography class, we were tasked with designing a poster in response to the 2016 election. Whilst the results of the election caused many to be angry, upset, and afraid, many also responded by spreading messages of love and support for one another. This poster depicts a quote from my favorite poet, from the day after the election. The entire message was as follows:


"I discovered spoken word in the same year I went to my first protest. My art/heart was raised by women and queer artists a generation older than me who had for decades been in the streets on the front lines fighting for justice. For years we put on multimedia shows that ran for months out of every year and every show included direct actions in the community. One day we were at a protest peacefully demonstrating against the war in Iraq when riot cops starting firing tear gas without warning or reason. As we ran away there was a five year old girl running beside me with tears filling her eyes. I’ve been remembering her so vividly since I woke up this morning, the tenderness of her terror, facing for the first time what the world is capable of.

I don’t think of myself as someone who turns away from the reality of what’s going down in terms of injustice in this country, but I feel like a child today, shocked and sick with tears, my whole aching body fevered with wanting to run. I feel furious, desperate, naive, and more than anything so very tiny. At this point, there is nothing left to give but everything. My community, my sweet and exhausted and furious friends, I promise my whole heart and being to the taking down of this whole hell of a system. I love you dearly. I am working to love better. Thank you for being and for fighting. Please take such sweet care of yourselves and each other."https://www.facebook.com/AndreaGibsonPoetry/

© 2017 Alexandra Rice